Welcome to Boogie Effect Australia! 

My name is Yvonne and I’m the owner and director of Boogie Effect in Australia. I am super excited to be delivering this amazing program and can’t wait to welcome you to unleash your power, strength and femininity with us! 

Boogie Effect is here to help you unleash your fun-loving spirit and to assist you to committing to your ongoing consistent health and fitness goals. Watch the video above where you will hear stories from our amazing boogiers – Simone, Michele and Claire! Join our community where we will open our minds, educate our bodies and fill our souls together! 

I look forward to meeting you!

Yvonne McLean

Why Boogie Effect?

Dance is a primal instinct and anyone can do it! This rhythmical and gestural instinct, some argue, dates back to primitive forms of communication and may have served as early forms of language before vocalisation took over. It is inherent in every single one of us. Whether you are tapping your feet to your favourite tune, rocking it out at parties or performing in front of hundreds on stage, it is IN you and at Boogie Effect we have a no ego zone where you can find that inner mover and groover!

We provide a space for you to have fun whilst increasing awareness of posture, alignment, mobility and flexibility, improving cardiovascular fitness, metabolism to maximise calorie burn and the absolute cherry on the top…technique based training to improve tone, condition, strength and increase lean long muscle. Why wait? Join us to rekindle your energy, fill your soul, make friends and increase body confidence!

BOOGIE EFFECT has a wide range of physical & mental benefits including:

Improved condition of your heart & lungs
Increased muscular strength, endurance & motor fitness
Increased aerobic fitness
Improved muscle tone & strength
Weight management
Stronger bones & reduced risk of osteoporosis
Better coordination, agility & flexibility
Improved balance & spatial awareness
Increased physical confidence
Improved mental functioning
Improved general and psychological wellbeing
Greater self-confidence, self-esteem & social skills

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Casual Class Pass

10 Boogie Effect Classes
$ 149
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Boogie BoostUp

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Boogie Effect Australia Timetable

What our Boogie Effect Members Say...

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#danceFIT  #danceSTRONG  #danceHAPPY

Boogie Effect Timetable

  • BeatsGX, Joondalup at 9:30 am and 6:15 pm
  • Northside Hub, Wangara-6:30 pm
  • BeatsGX, Joondalup at 6:30 pm
  • BeatsGX, Joondalup at 7:00 pm & 9:30 am coming soon!
  • BeatsGX, Joondalup at 9:30 am & Mega Mix Nights Coming Soon
  • BeatsGX, Joondalup at 8:30 am