Boogie Effect

The original and most popular workout – for all levels of fitness and experience.

BOOGIE EFFECT is a unique dance based fitness class, bringing together the heart pumping fun of BOOGIE with the strength and conditioning EFFECTS of dance technique. We create long, lean, strong and healthy bodies that aren’t just the privilege of the Pros! 

Workout begins with a postural ‘Check-In’, moving onto an invigorating warm up. Then class progresses through fun & energizing BOOGIE intervals before moving onto our ‘Power Booster’ designed to hit a higher intensity. This rockets the metabolism into over drive. Therefore you continue to burn calories long after you’ve left class. We then bring the focus away from the big power muscles and into the deep stabilizing muscles with our conditioning tracks. Lastly, we finish workout with a relaxing stretch leaving you feeling centred and recovered… AWESOME!!!

Boogie Fusion

The perfect combination of Boogie Effect and Boogie Body.

Boogie Fusion is a perfect combination of our high energy ‘Boogie Effect’ intervals that allow you to get lost in the moment and enjoy the music, with dance based strength and conditioning exercises.

Our awesome BOOGIE moves will get that heart pumping as you groove to the beat, release those feel good endorphins and warm the body and the mind up before we tone, strengthen and lengthen the whole body using specific dance based technique exercises to build lean muscle. 

Importantly, we focus on core strength, mobility and postural awareness. Low impact yet intense the longer conditioning element of this class will awaken muscles in your body you forgot you had, leaving you feeling stronger, connected and centred!

This class introduces mat based work and may use light hand weights, resistance bands or pilates balls to increase challenge and activation.

Boogie Mega Mix

Our regular Boogie Mega Mix nights will bring you a mash up of your favourite Boogie tracks! Hosting themed mega mix nights we will bring your favourite 80’s, 90’s or 70’s Boogie track into one retro based workout. 

Think social, think disco lights, think dress ups and FUN. Incentives to bring friends and family for FREE to join our fabulous Boogie community!

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Boogie Effect Timetable

  • > MONDAY
  • BeatsGX, Joondalup at 9:30 am and 6:15 pm
  • Northside Hub, Wangara-6:30 pm
  • BeatsGX, Joondalup at 6:30 pm
  • BeatsGX, Joondalup at 7:00 pm & 9:30 am coming soon!
  • > FRIDAY
  • BeatsGX, Joondalup at 9:30 am & Mega Mix Nights Coming Soon
  • BeatsGX, Joondalup at 8:30 am starts May 25th!